Ireland is a fantastic place for photography. As frustrating as the weather can be it's what makes the country what it is. If it was sunny every day the landscape, the wildlife and the people would be very different - and then it wouldn't be Ireland! The changeability of the weather is great from a photographer's point of view. Rainbows aren't uncommon, snow comes and goes on the winter hills, sun breaks through cloud as dazzling shafts of light - and all that can happen in the space of half an hour! A day can start gloomy and wet and finish bright and dry. It never stays one way long enough to get boring. In winter the low sun can be glorious, gold and bright. In summer the days stretch on and on, the mornings and evenings especially, giving more than 60 minutes to each "golden hour." The landscape is rich in variety and colour and the seasons and weather mean a place rarely looks the same from one day to the next. I've yet to visit a country that fascinates me more.
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